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Remember When...


In 1955..... 

I can REMEMBER going with my Mom to the A & P at Morris and Washington Streets because the only stores in Mars Hill were Arzsman's Market, the Regal Store at Holt & 67 where the big gas station is now north of the tracks.

She drove our brand spanking new Sandpiper Tan 1953 Ford Customline that cost $768 at Foxworthy Ford at 819 E Washington Street.  Hamburger was 39 cents a pound, cubed steak was 45 cents a pound and Swiss steak was 89 cents a pound.  Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup was 11 cents a can, Tomato Soup was 9 cents a can, a carton of 12 ounce Pepsi's was 49 cents plus a 10 cent bottle deposit.

On special occasions we would go to Ziegy's Barbecue over near Beech Grove or down to Shelbyville, IN, to the Nickel Nook where you could get a regular size hamburger with lettuce mayonnaise, tomato slice, onion slice and 3 pickle slices and cheese if you wanted it for 15 cents.  All drinks were a nickel.  (originally, the hamburgers were a nickel, too.

White Castles were a dime apiece back then with cheeseburgers 12 cents.  Satellite Burgers were new and they were 15 cents.  Burger Chef had a "Triple Treat"; hamburger, French fries and a small milk shake for 50 cents (pus 2 cents with the NEW sales tax.

When we went to A & W Root Beer Stand or the B & K, plain hot dogs were 15 cents, Coney  dogs were 25 cents, large root beers were a dime, small root beers were a nickel and baby root beers were free. A large popcorn was a quarter and a small was a dime.

We would get a dozen Coney dogs, a gallon of root beer and 2 large popcorns and go over to Weir Cook Airport and park behind the chain link fence and watch the TWA Constellations and the Lake Central DC-3s take off and land right in front of us.

I would go with my Dad to his Phillips 66 Filling Station at Tibbs and Morris.  He let me help put gas in the cars.  In 1953 and 1954 they had a lot of "gas wars" and I have seen a gallon of regular sell for 12.9 cents a gallon and ethyl was 16.9 cents a gallon.  Fuel oil was 25 cents a gallon.

My first job (after my paper route) was at Burger Chef in Maywood at 95 cents an hour.  Three weeks later (at age 16) they made me Assistant Manager at $95 a week, a month later, they made me a store manager at $135 a week plus bonus.  I bought a new car !

A Candy ice blue 1966 Ford Fairlane GT convertible at Ed Martin Ford, 8200 E. Washington Street had a sticker price of $3127.63, and I paid $2700.00 for it.  It had a 390 with 335 hp in it and that is when gas prices JUMPED to 75 cents a gallon.

Postage stamps were 4 cents and post cards were a penny.

Memories from age 6, Larry Pellum







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