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Hawkeye Award




Margaret Jane Tutewiler Cox – Class of 1947


We have no doubt that Margaret Jane’s interest in the Alumni Association started while she was a student at DCHS. She began in genealogy and as time progressed she combined genealogy and her love of Decatur Township and DCHS. Margaret Jane was born during the depression so her family was poor.  She was taught to “save” anything and everything – newspapers articles,  school papers  and if I was really lucky, pictures, post cards and books.  Margaret Jane finally realized all of the “stuff” she had saved was not going any place in boxes so she started cataloging them.   Margaret Jane  didn’t think these items were important or of interest to anyone else.  But the thought remained in the back of her mind “museum”.  But where and how? 


In the 1960’s and 1970’s Margaret Jane  was active in the DCHS alumni association, still “clipping” and “collecting.”  For some reason she couldn’t set this passion of collecting  aside.  She had too much history of Decatur Township and schools.  Her  girlfriends brother taught at West Newton, her Grandma’s sisters were West Newton students, her mother and her sister and brother graduated at West Newton.  Margaret Jane, her brother and sister graduated from Decatur Central and her daughter , Laura is  also a DCHS graduate as well as several nieces and nephews are  still attending Decatur Township schools. 


Five generations amounts to a “bunch” of Decatur history.  Somehow she knew she would be in Decatur Township  schools forever.  Margaret Jane has celebrated many class reunions as well as multiple  year gatherings so through all these years, she has continued to collect and save.  Then in 2001 in a conversation the idea of a museum was “wishful thinking” about getting have furniture, file cabinets, display cases, board room table and many many donations for yearbooks, pictures, clothing, old files books and school memorabilia.  Our heart felt thanks to Mr. Stinson, school board and all who have contributed to our dream. 


So, it is the Decatur Central High School Alumni Association pleasure to introduce Margaret Jane Tutewiler –Cox with the…


Hawkeye Award

Is Proud to Dedicate the Heritage Room To


Margaret Jane Tutewiler-Cox

Class of 1947


For her dedication to the preservation of DCHS and Decatur Township Memorabilia

‘A true leader is one who designs the cathedral and then shares the vision that inspires others to build it.’

Decatur Central High School Alumni Association - May 7, 2011


Larry Pellum 



The "Hawkeye Award" is presented to an alumnus who has gone above and beyond the call of duty for the DCHS Alumni Association.

Our first to receive this award is Mr. Larry Pellum


As most of you know…


Larry is the voice of the Decatur Central High School Alumni Association and in most cases, Decatur Township. With Larry’s hard work and dedication this organization has seen much success!


On behalf of the DCHS Alumni Association Larry spends countless hours updating our database of over 16,000 names, sending out obituary notices, sending MSD News & Events bulletins, not to mention the reunion information. Larry has even been working on a special project of finding and tracking which of our alumni has served in the armed forces.


Here are some comments we received:


Larry has built a communication system for the alumni association that is by far the best we have ever had and he works at it seven days a week. Larry is one in a million.

Larry puts so much of himself into keeping us all informed. I deeply appreciate him, for those of us alumni who live out of state. I can’t think of anyone who deserves this acknowledgement more than Larry.


Larry has been one of the organizers of his own Class of 1965 reunions. One of the ways DCHS Alumni were notified of the reunion was through Larry’s email postings. One of his classmates came from Alaska to attend the reunion. Larry spends many hours gathering information and posting the DCHS emails.


I have heard many alumni say… this connection that Larry provides makes them still feel a part of DCHS whether they still live in the area, in other states or countries.


Please join us and help us to give a big "Thank you" to Larry for his support and dedication to this organization.





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