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Class of 1989




We cannot believe that is has been 25 years (surely we are not that old, lol!). We are in the very beginning process of finding a venue for the reunion and then booking a date as soon as we can. We are shooting for sometime probably around September/October.


Right now, we just want to let everyone know that we are indeed going to have a 25-year reunion and we'd like to find as many people as we can. Please help us!


We need updated contact info! Please send an email to with your current contact information...Name (including maiden name, ladies!), mailing address, phone number(s) and email address.


Also, check us out on for updates and communicate with us there as well:


We are looking right now at making this a casual reunion. We have several places that we are looking into and wanting to possibly book a nice barn type venue. If you have any suggestions as far as places, entertainment, catering, photography, or anything else, please shoot us an email or post your comments on our Facebook page!


Once we have a confirmed date and place, we will update the details.


If for some reason the link doesn't work, you can search Facebook for "DCHS Class of 1989 25 Year Reunion"...if you are not already part of that group, let us know and we'll get you added. If you are part of that group, but you know people who are not, please go to them "members" link and "add people." We need lots of help getting the word out about our reunion!


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